Producer Mentorship Program

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A 10-week mentorship program for Black and Indigenous emerging producers.


Participant must have at least one produced short film and have a feature, TV series, or digital project that they have rights to and want to develop with Sunflower Studios.

Once the 10 week intensive is complete, the producers are assigned to one of our EPs as a mentee. We’ll work with them to create a 3-9 month development plan to get their proposed project where it needs to be to take to market.

Once the project is ready to take to market we’ll loop in our partner pipeline of partner companies, networks, and broadcasters for a first-look window, giving them the opportunity to option/buy our developed projects. This will put our cohort directly in front of decision makers that can further advance their projects and help them foster relationships with senior industry folks.

Bridge Program

A monthly weekend program for folks in the industry in lower positions that want to level up.


Programming includes:

  • Indie Producing 101 for Production Coordinators and Production Managers

  • Assistant Directing for the union (possible bridge to DGC)

  • Independent ADing

  • Union Office PAing

Transferrable Skills Program

A program for folks outside of the industry that want to transfer their skills to positions within the industry.


This is a partner program with unions + trade schools around the city focusing on positions such as electrics, construction, landscaping, painters, etc.

Acting + Performing workshops - Getting folks outside of the industry up to speed and bookable for commercials, background and lead performer work. Possible partner program with ACTRA Diversity + Inclusion committee.