When Morning Comes (Feature) A young Jamaican boy grapples with the idea of saying goodbye to his homeland and emigrating to the ever elusive ‘foreign land’, Canada

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He's One Of Us (Series) Shane Williams is a proud resident of the Milton Housing Complex...and a newly minted member of the year 44 Division Police Department. With his best friend Jamie quickly climbing the Milton drug dealing ranks, Shane's assignment on the Project Mover Drug Task Force tests his allegiance to his chosen family in ways he could have never imagined.

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Summer Of The Gun (Feature) After an accidental murder adds to a growing body count, a chain of consequences unfold for five lives. This triggers a domino effect that transforms the city forever.


Grandma's Kitchen (Series) A lifestyle series where each episode we take an intimate look into a different grandma's kitchen as she cooks her favourite dish from her culture and tells a story from her birthplace. 


Meant To Be (Feature) Running from her lacklustre love life and failing art career 30 year old Renee decides to go on sabbatical in Osaka, Japan. While on a journey to reconcile with choices of her past Renee must reckon with her own idea of what is mean to be when she runs into an ex she never thought she'd see again in the middle of Shibuya Crossing. 


Sisters (Feature) A lifelong sibling rivalry reignites with new fervour when two bi-racial sisters find themselves on opposites of civil unrest after the brutal murder of a young Black nurse by a white cop incites a national riot.